Trial Moto are now the Irish dealers for Vertigo motors. We recently got in the Combat Vertical 2019 and are very excited about taking this out at the next trial. To inquire about the Vertigo range send us an instant message or email. To view more on Vertigo's website click below 


Oset bikes are electric. They have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent. Oset are especially good bikes for learners and younger riders as they come in a range of sizes. They are better for the environment too. To find out more use the chat function or email us. Click below to go to the Oset website.  


Beta Motors was founded in 1904, they have been a reliable and stylish producer of motor bikes for a long time. We stock their trials bikes such as the 2019 EVO pictured and have always enjoyed the handling and craftmanship of their bikes. To chat to us about getting onto a Beta, chat us here or email us. Click the picture to go to the Beta website. 

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